Medical Medium

Healing for Chronic and Mystery Illness and Symptoms

I am a self-declared disciple of Anthony William, author of Medical Medium, Life-Changing Foods, Thyroid Healing and Liver Rescue. As a natural health practitioner and researcher, I see his works as the greatest contribution to natural health in the last decade and I’m privileged to be able to integrate this knowledge into sessions with my clients and see the positive results.

Through the Medical Medium information we have a much better understanding of what is at the heart of chronic, mystery, ‘autoimmune’ illnesses, and how to heal. Rather than the immune system attacking itself, as conventional medicine tells us, we now understand that it is in fact the toxicity of modern life, viruses and bacteria which are at the heart of many illnesses. We also understand that accumulated toxicity from chemicals, metals and radiation can be passed down through families. Most importantly we now understand the most effective ways to heal.

I can help you navigate the information, guiding you step-by-step to establish a protocol that works for you.

Using kinesiology testing and my bag of therapeutic tricks and tools, I can help you to:

  • Assess your symptoms and get clarity on the key issues and priorities to focus on;
  • Test your body for  toxicity, metals, pesticides, chemicals, and viruses and bacteria;
  • Identify which supplements and herbs will help you along with guideline dosages;
  • Provide a tailored plan of action which may include diet, supplements, herbs and lifestyle changes;
  • Support you with energetic and emotional healing aspects of recovery and healing; 
  • Use hypnotherapy and meditations to help you increase and enhance your healing process;
  • Help you to monitor progress and figure out what we need to do to ensure a consistent and gentle detoxification;
  • Share tips, advice and recipes to make it easier for you to integrate the approach into your lifestyle;
Coaching from anywhere in the world  

I am able to provide coaching and tailored support, using surrogate kinesiology testing, from anywhere in the world via video messaging services such as Zoom or Whatsapp. 

UK and EU supplements for the Medical Medium Protocol 

Some of the supplements Anthony recommends can be difficult to obtain in the UK and Europe. I have provided a comprehensive list of where to find some of these supplements, or if they aren’t available, some suggestions for brands that I Use. This list is available on my Resources page. 

If you are a client of mine I will have worked with you to identify exactly which brand and dose of supplements to take. You can then go ahead and purchase them by following the links below. 

The popular notion when someone asks “How come I’m sick” is to answer that they created their own illness by not generating a positive flow to attract health, like someone else did. This is another form of disempowerment, sending the message that if they don’t feel well, it’s their fault because they don’t know how the Universe works and they’re not thinking positively enough to create abundance. So on top of body and mind shaming, we have spirit shaming. Young women are convinced that their unhappiness is why they are sick, not that they have real issues that medical research and science haven’t discovered yet that are actual physical problems….
Anthony William
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